Basically all I can say is that I’m a not so bright on life teenage girl who doesn’t know how to handle anything so I’m going to create this blog like all the other girls in all those movies, ya know the ones where they are completely anonymous and then they solve all their problems online, the empowering dorky teenage films. Why am I doing this. Because I’m bored on life and also because I’m supposed to keep a diary or journal, so I don’t feel like a 5 year old with a diary, to make myself feel better. But what’s the fun in having a journal if no one can read it and make fun of me without knowing who I am, where I’m really from, or any real information about me except the information I’m putting online. Which honestly you don’t know weather I’m telling the truth or not. So expect my grammar errors and bad sentence structure. Leave me some comments if you like but sit back and enjoy my random spouting about things that don’t really matter (and some that do), even share this blog with your friends if you’d like.