When I look in the mirror

When I look at myself in the mirror I see a lion. Not because I am strong or fierce because my hair is huge. My moms hair was thick and frizzy, where my dads hair was so curly you could pull it and it would retract like a spring. Mine is a mixture. In the south it is so humid you can feel the water floating in the air as you walk, making my hair puff up like a lion. My hair is such a mixture of this curl and frizz that it is basically not tamable which honestly reflects a lot of my personality.

My body is like a geode. Not much to look at on the outside to the untrained eye but inside is an unbelievable sight. With every crack on the surface a little bit of beauty seeps through. As I get older and my geode grows I feel more confident with my layers underneath. Still afraid of people not seeing what I am worth but even more afraid of who finally cracks me all the way open for the world to see, never being able to go back to my once hidden form.

My heart is a puzzle box. Each twist and turn you hope you will get farther into what I am feeling but no one has ever made it all the way through. Not even me. On the inside I like to think that inside of that box is a diamond. Unbreakable. Something that over time can cut through the toughest exterior that is any other person that I meet. A prism that when you put it up to the light it refracts it and makes a rainbow into the air.

My mind is a tree. Once a small sapling but now a huge marvelous sight. Something that will never stop growing new ideas. Gaining wisdom in it’s rings, branches reaching high into the clouds, but is still rooted safely in the ground. Others dependent off its resources. No matter how many people try to come in and knock it down to build a parking lot like they did to so many others. People fight to keep it there because they see its importance. A place to go and just chill during the day and read, draw, just relax, somewhere to go to think. Even in the worst storms will not be taken.

What I see in my reflection is so much more than a figure it is a puzzle of many different factors. All of these things are me.

Corny as always,

your favorite,






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