Family ties

Family. I have talked about my family before but not in great detail and not about my mom’s side of the family. They are the most frustrating people you will honestly ever meet in your life. They are the people who blame the future generation on everything and talk about in their day how it was the greatest time in the world. They were humble, SIKE. I do not like most of my family as you can tell, but I am stuck with them I guess. My mom always says that “they are the people that will always have your back when you need it”. Will they? My “friends” I know wouldn’t (mean to say but most likely true) but there are some who would always be there for me and help me if I need it. Family is here because we are linked by blood. I am a piece of all of them moving down the line and I am the one who takes the slack always. My cousins you could say kind of dropped the ball in their eyes, I am the last hope as the baby. I can not fuck up I must be what they want me to be. My grandfather is sexist in my eyes. I have to save his precious family yet I am a girl so he does not see me completing it. I should do something girls do. “I never judge someone for anything they do” his most famous quote as he talks about all the things everyone in the country is doing wrong and judging them to the full extent. I have two aunts, they are crazy, high strung, etc. My moms youngest sister is my idol sometimes others not so much. It scares me because many don’t like her, including her son (my favorite cousin/ friend), I see myself in her. I am the most like her and I that kind of excites me. My other aunt (also crazy) can get anyone do anything she wants. My mother while a psychopath is the calmest some how. I can tell I am a root of their family because you can see me in all of them I think. That scares me because I don’t hold everything they do and I want to do more. I am in family ties yet I feel tied down.

This was poorly written, I’m sorry.



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