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How many hours do you think you spend on the internet a day. Honestly sometimes I feel like I could do a whole 10 hours if not more. But when I travel or do things with people I love I would say I am on the internet an hour or two and that’s to look up directions to find out where we are going on our crazy adventures or to text someone to find where they are. I honestly love that. I love spending hours doing art or walking around or I don’t know just doing something. I feel like technology, sitting on your phone or computer all day, has taken over our lives. I know this makes me a complete hypocrite because I am writing this on a computer as we speak. I want to do so much more if I wasn’t stuck in this tiny town. As I’ve probably said a million times I want to move to the city, make friends, make art, learn guitar, write books, sing, and so much more. I want to unplug myself from the internet. I will not unplug myself because this day and age it seems to be an impossible task. I can’t get rid of something that I am now attached to so easily.  I’m not sure why this is on my mind today.  Maybe if you want you could look up the song tiny glowing screens pt.2 by Watsky.

Happy Holiday,

P.G. Pique


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