Maybe alone (a mini rant on life)

Hello hello, PG here with another rant for you. I have been really busy with finals as I feel most of us have lately if you are in college it can be stressful to keep up with life, friends, everyday social life when you need to cram all the things you learned into your mind so you can take a test of all of it in less than two hours. Honestly it’s stressful for anyone to do that even when you are going to have to take your finals in any grade. The whole system is ridiculous thinking that children should have to remember all of these things for one day and then it be up to half your grade and then reflect on your teacher who is honestly trying to teach a bunch of kids who only 3 of them are really interested in what she is saying. NONE OF IT MAKES SENSE. We are all just doing our best and then you are going to use standardized testing to decide our fate. I digress. Tell me why this time of year when we are all stressed out all ready that every piece of drama has to rise from the dead and add even more stress. Especially when I am trying to sit in my math class while I’m trying to take notes and at the same time three different people are texting me about their life problems and then don’t listen to my advise. I am trying to pay attention in class a week before finals getting flooded with last minute work by my teachers and help you. I know we are friends and I love you more than anyone in the entire world but I can’t come to you when I’m depressed because it’s like my problems aren’t real yet yours are. Why am I even putting up with you, you won’t even listen to me. Lately life just seems like I am everybody’s therapist, their rock, they come to me when they need something and honestly I love it sometimes but when people don’t listen to what I’m saying and then I can’t go to them for help. It really makes me so mad. It sucks for life to feel like you have a ton of friends and no one to talk to when you need help or you’re down. I really have to realize that life isn’t fair but I hate the feeling that I am alone. I’m starting to realize that I’m kinda on my own, that people are all just trying their best so I can’t be mad at anyone. Thank you for reading my rant or if you didn’t I understand why I just really needed to get it off my chest.

Hope it all gets better,



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