Life has made me want to give up. Sometimes on the inside it feels like I already have. Like everyday things are growing, changing, breathing, and I am standing still. Like being stuck in quick sand unable to move a muscle. As the days grow shorter and the nights become longer my life fades away. With every word I speak is being lost in translation. Only time will tell where I am going but at the moment I am going no where. Stuck in the black hole of my mind. I am becoming translucent. No one sees that I am slowly becoming translucent but why would they. No one sees me slowly sinking into the quicksand that I am stuck in, slowly gasping for air as it swallows me whole. The thing about becoming translucent is no one knows when you go missing. See while I am standing still the world is moving in fast forward. Everyone seems to be changing without me and no one caring that it is. Losing touch with the people I’ve always been with my entire life because their lives are changing and they don’t need me anymore.



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