Being a wild flower

Yes I am a wild child. I am known to have fun and be a little bit rowdy, unruly, corybantic ( you know all the synonyms for wild).  I am at heart a free spirit. When I am called these things I tend to get mad, not because being a free spirit or wild is bad but the fact that the way people use it is like it’s a bad thing and they are insulting me.  I am okay with being different, I know I’m seen as different and I can’t change that (do I want to change that?). So yes I am a wild child as you say, but I prefer wild flower because I feel it is more fitting. Wild flowers are weeds that are sometimes unwanted by many but the people who see their true beauty love them and stop even on the side of the road to pick one or take a picture of them. The people like me who love those close ups of dandelions and blow them even though they are grown up still make a wish off them. The people who see the beauty in honey suckles and poppies which yes can be considered wild flowers too. Once every thing was wild. We didn’t just choose to make roses someone found them and made them popular and loved. I am just a wild flower who is still waiting to be loved by all. I just pop up everywhere and even though I see myself as a unwanted weed I am still beautiful and people love me. Plus I am different everywhere I go because there are millions of wild flowers and I my friend am all of them. The thing about wild flowers is they come in all forms and they are everywhere, all over the world there is a different form of wild flowers. That’s how I am going to be. Everywhere.


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