Happy Monday I guess

The title says it all. Happy Monday I guess. I totally understand how much Mondays suck and why everyone hates them but just saying I still think Tuesday is by far the worst day of the week. Yeah the weekend ends on Monday, but you can get away with things on Monday because everyone is tired and sad the weekend is over. However on Tuesday the week is now beginning and not even close to ending. Then Wednesday is hump day! Weeks almost over, Thursday is the day before Friday. Hell Friday is Friday you know TYEDAY FRIDAY. HAPPY FRIDAY. YAY THE WEEKEND FRIDAY. Making Tuesday the worst day of the week. If it wasn’t Tuesday it would be Sunday but for those religious people out there I’ll keep it as Tuesday and not say that God’s day is the worst day of the week in fear of being struck down where I stand. That was just a little tid-bit of my knowledge because I’m at work and have nothing else to do. Hey if you haven’t maybe read my last post I put a lot of work and feeling (two things I don’t usually have) into it and I really like that. But that is all my loves. “Ugh I hate Mondays”- Garfield the cat. Have a good day!




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