Why being yourself isn’t an option

Be yourself, be yourself, be yourself. From the time you are born you are told to be yourself fully and everyone will love you. Right? No. People don’t want yourself they want you to be what they think is right. No you can’t wear that, or do this, or hang out with that person cause then you’re wrong. You don’t fit their image. But the real question is do you let these people shape you? DO you listen to what they think is right? Do you let them tear you down? If these people are your friends than they will be there for you. They are projecting on how their life sucks. Honestly if you are happy with yourself don’t even worry about those people because why should they get to be in your life? You should try to be yourself always. Obviously don’t be a awful person and think it’s okay to be mean to someone cause then that doesn’t make you any better. I honestly don’t know what to do because that’s my whole life. I haven’t figured it out yet. I have always thought that everyone is equal. I always believed that I could be myself and no one would tear me down for that. I was wrong. I have been in a war, a shit storm that has not stopped and I just want everything to stop in time. Like I could choose the good things and get rid of the bad. Everyone sees things in their own perspective so maybe you think their life is amazing but they struggle with things too. Your life is not as bad as you think there will always be something worst. I am not alone. I may think I am but I have at least one person who is there for me always. I believe that even writing this I am not alone because I have myself. I may not like myself but I will learn to in time. Don’t let people get you down.

I will live another day,



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