Sorry for my absence. Life has kinda picked me up and drop kicked me across time. The summer when I was away was the happiest and the least anxious I have ever been in years and I loved every minute of it. Don’t you love when you’re a comfortable place in your life and then it just all seems to turn around. Like you were happy and the world just went SIKE nope. Basically I’ll give you the rundown. School started…. yay high schools, people I don’t like, work I don’t want to do, and stress I can’t handle. Well anyway it started and that weekend there was a big party to kick off school starting (here’s where it gets bad). I’ll just skip what happened and just go with the girl I hate with a burning passion told the entire school and my reputation was tainted. So for the past month I have been spending my time either at home doing my college work (yes I’m in college too) or hiding from people who make fun of me in the handicap stall in the girls bathroom (sitting on the floor doing work). My teachers also know what happen and how awful high school can be so they let me. The next Monday was the day my best friend for the last ten years left for the navy (basically leaving me here to deal with everything alone). Not even two days later my dog dies (my other best friend for the past ten years). The next day my computer gets a virus ( I hadn’t even had it for a week ) making me unable to turn in my first photography class assignment, making it late. So the shit storm basically took off. I believe my shit storm has been worst than Irma, destroying all my friendships and life but at least it’s just affecting me and not all of Florida. I haven’t posted on my blog, not because I haven’t been able to write but I haven’t been able to post anything I have written. Since all of this has happened to me lately all of my self confidence and the last little bit of my will to live is honestly fading more and more lately. I’m sorry for not writing to you guys lately I will try to write more even though not many read what I put but it still helps me I guess.

Sorry, I missed this



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