Still on vaca?

Yes that’s right my vacation sanity is still going…. not as strong as I’d like it to be but I still haven’t killed anyone. This is amazing because I’m staying with family …. with a new born ish baby and I get little to no sleep with crying and screaming at 4 am . But I have relized in all of this annoyance with my loving family that I have not written about my thought provoking life for my millions of maybe 5 fans and I figured that you guys missed me. Here’s a small tidbit about how my life is going in my wonderful weeks across seas. Not one but three of my cousins have new children that are all barley 3 months apart so every house I stay in there is a child. Compared to the rest of my twenty cousins live in the one place my parents will not let me go because of the greatest thing ever. Fear. Not only am I an adolescent I am also a female. So every time I walk out the door they feel there will be a new attacker trying to murder me. I have to be escorted by my cousin who is only a year older than me but because he is male I will be safe. Only bad part is he sort of kind of hates me so the chances of me getting out of the house is basically impossible. Don’t worry I will be back home soon enough and you will get to read about my awful life. Have a great life. May all your days be bright and quiet.



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