i love love. Which is hard to say because in my real life as in not the one in this blog I am a boy. Not really but I am treated like one. I am not allowed to love love or even really think about it at all. I am strong, though, most of all I have no faith in this world. Something about it though. That feeling that I have never really had but I want it. The books I read make it seem like something you can’t live with out or at least don’t want to. I want it, even for just one day. I am searching yet unable to find what everyone else seems to fall into. I could make up a million stories about love hat would make your head spin. Love stories are not really real though they are just stories. Just a small part of a giant story no one will finish. I will forever love love but I will not tell anyone. Don’t tell anyone. It will be our little secret.



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