You heard it here first

Lately my pointless little articles are difficult to write. I am just going to have to say it. I have writers block. As I am not a real writer with my pointless little stories I post here are not really articles that are going to be put in some huge magazine or newspaper like I have some deadline for my dear fans to read. I do not really have any readers so I don’t really have anything to rush with who’s going to care if I don’t post once a day or even once a week. Back to my rut. I have so many ideas on what I could say to you all. It is not coming out correctly. Maybe I could start posting poems, short stories, even tiny blurbs of just quotes, random lists, etc etc etc. Might even just start putting things from my private journal. I know what you’re thinking, you thought this was my private journal as I have limited readers but really think about it. Some of the most famous writers have somewhere to put their ideas that no one will ever see. I am not famous, not yet. If I do become famous then this is how it could happen for me. Could you see it now “Everyone’s New Favorite Blog, What Do I Do 562″. Maybe one day. You read it here first remember that.

Future Artist,




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