Turn for the worst

Oh joy. Still zero views. I’m a little bit relieved that there are only up to three views because writing like this is nerve racking. I’m failing. Not only at writing, art, music, but also at social standings, attempts on happiness, and school. School is sadly the most important one. I CAN’T GET MY GRADE UP IN MY COLLEGE CLASSES. I have a C which you know C’s get degrees. I barley got a c too. It was just under the wire. You know how stressed out you get at the end of the year about school. It’s like everything is ending and you are trying so hard to get everything done and go have summer. I just want summer. I have been dreaming about all the amazing stuff I’m going to do. All I want this summer is to be happy with the people that don’t make me want to kill myself just looking at them. As everyone in my school seems to have that affect on me. Luckily my classes only are for two more weeks and then I’m done. I need some online friends I can talk to yet I don’t know how to just start a conversation with someone I’ve literally never met. It’s hard.


PG…. out


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