Spring has come

Hey hey crazy stuff, three whole followers now I’m more popular than the Kardashians at this point. TMZ if you want to check my crib you can just waiting on your call. But seriously spring has sprung and it’s great here where I live. I’ve gone to the beach and gone swimming. Like in the ocean just a bathing suit and also experienced sun burn. Never realized how much I missed summer. I CAN WEAR SHORTS. Well not in school but other places. I know empowering female that I am that I would be all for girls being able to wear in school. I am I swear but sometimes people take it too far. Hey it’s bullshit that I can’t show my shoulders in school, I agree. Some people go to far. I don’t want to see your butt hanging out of your shorts in school, or your boobs hanging out of your shirt, or even your whole stomach showing is just a little to much for me. It’s not that you have no right to wear it and I wear things like that when I’m not in school or when it’s really hot like 97 or 36 (for the metric system people) and I have no choice. It’s barley 75/ 23 outside and you are wearing these things. I know winter is just over and you are so excited to go wear your crop tops and shorts. BUT. There is a dress code in schools for a reason because people need to respect you but we are already in a world where they don’t and they aren’t going to start anytime soon. I wish they would but that’s just reality at this point. It’s all about how you present yourself. Would you wear that to a job interview? Yes I get it this celebrity wears it or you look cute and want people to notice you at school but this is where you go to get an education you aren’t there to show off. I am a hypocrite sometimes but isn’t everyone. You don’t have to listen to me it’s just something to think about. I say wear what you want and stand proud because you are beautiful no matter who you are, except you April put some clothes on. Ha I’m funny right, no, okay I’ll end this now. Stand tall, be proud, say nice things, and share this with a friend. Again I kid.

Enjoy my grammar errors and awful sentence structure.

Love ya girl,



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