screwed up again oops

Hey this is the first time I am writing in school. I don’t like to cause I don’t want anyone to see me writing. Right now I’m in study lab listening to a girl sing that song I don’t know the name, it goes like “I don’t face, I don’t want anyone to hold…” yeah you know the one. You’re probably now singing it in your head. Sorry. Anyway moving on to the title because it’s there for a reason for once. Obviously I’m not very good at this life thing, or this writing thing as you can tell from reading if you were able to get this far into the ramble of every post I do. I messed up. I got hurt but thank god. I almost started crying. Actually who am I kidding I did but I tried to not but it wasn’t working. Do you ever have that one person that just makes you sad all the time. Like you want to be around them cause you care about them or even more then that but even being around them gives you pain. I feel that. All everyone in life wants to be accepted but it’s hard. I know that you are reading this and thinking one of two ways either “yes I really do want to be accepted” or “no I don’t care what people think about me”. You may think that now but deep down that’s what every wants. OKOKOK I need to stop cause people are starting to ask what I am doing and I don’t anything to show for “I am doing work”. You know the drill, tell me what you think if you want or don’t I really don’t mind.

Enjoy my mistakes,

My day was shit but I hope yours was better.

Love ya girl



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