Everything comes back to you

Everyone knows that song right? You know the really depressing one that you listen to in the car and you can feel yourself staring out the window in the rain thinking about that one person that you don’t really know what your life has come to and the big “what if” like your life could have been different. Don’t say you don’t because everyone does and if it has never happened to you then it will just give it time because it will. Don’t you just wish sometimes that you didn’t have that feeling. You know the hopeless one, the one where you don’t know what to do with your life or what the future holds. It might just be me. Hey that’s why I started doing this because I can say whatever I am thinking and no one knows it’s me. I know many people with blogs and they have pictures of themselves and their names all over their blogs and you see them promoting it all over social media that this is their blog go check it out. Trying to make their big break just like the rest of us. Don’t get me wrong I support it fully. You do you and all that. I understand the wanting everyone to know who you are and what you think about everything through your writing or your art or your photography and if you want me to link your stuff in my blog I will 100% do it and support you. Doubt it will help with my giant following of no one. But hey shoot me an email with a link and I will shout you out. I’ll follow you if I can. Right now in my site there is a photography page on Instagram of a girl who isn’t so bad and she reads and I liked her stuff, heck I even used some of her pictures on the site, so you can check her out if I linked it correctly I don’t know if I did. But remember if you email me. I am not real. This is a fake name full of real ideas, or is it. Honestly wouldn’t that be the biggest plot twist someone making an account with their real name putting all the names of their real people they know in life and you would just think it’s fake because they say “hey this is not real”.  So believe what you want. Shoot me an email about whatever, I’m here and I have nothing better to do. Tell your friends about my blog or whatever. Again I don’t the biggest fan base obviously. You can show it to them because you think I’m funny, or my grammar is a joke cause it kind of is, or just cause you think they’d like my stuff.

Enjoy my grammar mistakes and awful writing,

love ya girl,



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