Another Rant Like Always

I’d like to tell you how much high school drama is pointless. Honestly. I will say this so many times. People in high school are very immature. How would I know you ask? I am a high schooler. I am also a hypocrite. People are hateful and it kind of sucks. Who am I kidding it really sucks. I went to a college campus and it was really chill and everyone was really nice. I can’t wait till I am in college. (If you haven’t noticed but I let out little bits about my actual life compared to just hypothetical in my posts.) No matter what school you go to or where ever you go in life remember this, there will always be someone that you don’t like and you are going to have to put up with that person. For me that person is basically everyone because of the fact that I hate mostly everyone. Let’s call today’s person Ashley. I have always had problems with her but all and all I tolerated her and it was okay but she is just hateful and doesn’t know how to cope with not getting her way. People don’t change, everyone is unique but in all you will always meet people that’s personality is similar to someone else. Surround yourself with all types of people even if you don’t exactly love them. Hey that’s how I have some of my best friends. I can’t deal with people who are exactly like me. No one should have to you need to learn to like people who like different things because they will introduce you to new things you have never known about or liked before. Hey tell me how you feel about high school or someone you don’t like or how to deal with them or don’t I don’t care. Literally just a teenager alone in her room bored out of her mind binge watching Netflix and typing on her computer.

Glad you were entertained by my life once again.

Enjoy my grammar mistakes,

Love ya girl



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